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Functional and Phylogenetic Ecology in R is designed to teach readers to use R for phylogenetic and functional trait analyses. Over the past decade, a dizzying array of tools and methods were generated to incorporate phylogenetic and functional information into traditional ecological analyses. Increasingly these tools are implemented in R, thus greatly expanding their impact. Researchers getting started in R can use this volume as a step-by-step entryway into phylogenetic and functional analyses for ecology in R. More advanced users will be able to use this volume as a quick reference to understand particular analyses. The volume begins wit an introduction to the R environment and handling relevant data in R. Chapters then cover phylogenetic and functional metrics of biodiversity ; null modeling and randomizations for phylogenetic and functional trait analyses ; integratin phylogenetic and functional trait information ; and interfacing the R environment with a popular C-based program. This book presents a unique approach through its focus on ecological analyses and not macroevolutionary analyses. The author provides his own code, so that the reader is guided through the computational steps to calculate the desired metrics. This guided approach simplifies the work of determining which package to use for any given analysis. Example datasets are shared to help readers practice, and reade can then quickly turn to their own datasets.

ISBN: 9781461495413



AUTEUR: Nathan G Swenson


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This is followed by detailed instructions on how to calculate in R the major metrics of phylogenetic and functional beta diversity that are most commonly employed in the literature. The ultimate goal is to obtain a robust conceptual and practical knowledge of phylogenetic and functional beta diversity.

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