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The evolution of portable communications applications has been facilitated largely by the development of reflective LCD technology. Offering a unique insight into state-of-the art display technologies, Reflective Liquid Crystal Displays covers the basic operations principles, exemplary device structures and fundamental material properties of device components.Display engineers, scientists and technicians active in the field will welcome this unique resource, as will developers of a wide range of systems and applications. Graduate students and researchers will appreciate the introduction and technical insight into this exciting technology.Featuring: Direct-view, projection and micro (virtual projection) reflective displays in the context of multi-media projectors, mobile internet and personal entertainment displays; Optimisation of critical display attributes: fast responsetime, low voltage operation and wide angle viewing; Description of the basic properties of liquid crystal materials and their incorporation into configurations for transmissive and reflective applications; Examination of the various operation modes enabling the reader to select the appropriate display type to meet a variety of needs; Overview and comparison of the complete range of reflective display technologies, and reflective LCD effects.

ISBN: 9780471496113



AUTEUR: Deng-Ke Yang


A reflective liquid crystal display (R-LCD) utilizes the ambient light for displaying images. In comparison to transmissive LCDs, reflective LCDs have advantages in lower power consumption ...

A display device (10) having first and second substrates (12) and (30) and a layer of a liquid crystal material having a periodic modulated structure, such as a PSCT or PFCT liquid crystal material disposed therebetween. A layer of a color imparting material (18) is disposed atop one surface of one substrate. The liquid crystal material is tailored or tuned to complementarily provide color to ...

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