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If you've ever wondered how much energy we use, and where it comes from — and where it could come from — but are fed up with all the hot air and "greenwash", this is the book for you. Renewable resources are "huge", but our energy consumption is also "huge". To compare "huge" things with each other, we need numbers, not adjectives. This book cuts through all the contradictory statements from the media, government, and lobbies of all sides. It gives you the numbers and the facts you need, in bite-sized chunks, so you can understand the issues yourself. If you've thrown your hands up in despair thinking no solution is possible, then read this book — it's an honest, realistic, and humorous discussion of all our energy options.

ISBN: 9780954452933



AUTEUR: David MacKay


Sustainable Energy - without the hot air. Download the book [you can also browse the book using the table of contents] The Whole Book, all in one 12M pdf file: Errata (two pages pdf) - also available as html if you prefer, you can get the book in five slightly-smaller chunks or in other electronic formats. Here's a 10-page synopsis: (download from this website) (or download from Cambridge ...

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