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At the beginning of the 1950's, the meeting of Jean Bancaud and Jean Talairach represented a turning point in epilepsy surgery. Their idea was to accurately record the electrical activity of different brain structures during the course of a seizure. Soon, the term of stereoelectro-encephalography was adopted for this new method. New concepts arised, followed by new types of surgery, techniques, neuroimaging tools and stereotactic procedures. Stereotaxy and Epilepsy surgery, written by Jean-Marie Scarabin and a number of recognized experts in the field, presents its most recent advances, always respecting Sainte-Anne school's spirit, and especially the value of clinical semio-logy and its integration through anatomo-electroclinical correlations. Its extremely precise descriptions of the methodologies and its rich contents of figures and plates, including a particularly interesting DVD with videos and 51 clinical cases, certainly make this book a reference in the domain of epilepsy surgery.

ISBN: 9782742007677



AUTEUR: Jean-Marie Scarabin


In: Adams J, Rutkin B (eds) Treatment of temporal lobe epilepsy by stereotaxic surgery. Confin Neurol 31:80-85 Google Scholar Wycis H, Baird H, Spiegel E (1966) Long range results following pallidotomy and pallidoamygdalotomy in certain types of convulsive disorders.

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