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Graph drawing is a dynamic and rapidly growing subfield of computer science and mathematics. It comprises all aspects of visualizing structural relations between objects. The range of topics dealt with extends from graph theory, graph algorithms, geometry, and topology to visual languages, visual perception, and information visualization, and to computer-human interaction and graphics design. The automated generation of graph drawings has important consequences for many subfields of computer science as well as for a broad variety of interdisciplinary application fields. This monograph gives a systematic overview of graph drawing and introduces the reader gently to the state of the art in the area. The presentation concentrates on algorithmic aspects, with an emphasis on interesting visualization problems with elegant solutions. Much attention is paid to a uniform style of writing and presentation, consistent terminology, and complementary coverage of the relevant issues throughout the 10 chapters. An overview of existing graph drawing systems, a comprehensive bibliography, and a subject index round off the presentation.This tutorial is ideally suited as an introduction for newcorners to graph drawing. Ambitioned practitioners and researchers active in the area will find it a valuable source of reference and information.

ISBN: 9783540420620



AUTEUR: Dorothea Wagner


On-line Hierarchical Graph Drawing Stephen C. North and Gordon Woodhull north,[email protected] AT&T Labs - Research 180 Park Ave. Bldg. 103 Florham Park, New Jersey 07932-0971 (U.S.A.) Abstract. We propose a heuristic for dynamic hierarchical graph drawing. Ap-plications include incremental graph browsing and editing, display of dynamic data structures and networks, and browsing large ...

graph-LSTM-based model to capture their layout characteristics. Then, the trained model is used to generate graph drawings in a similar style for new networks. We evaluated the proposed approach on two special types of layouts (i.e., grid layouts and star layouts) and two general types of layouts (i.e., ForceAtlas2 and PivotMDS) in both qualitative and quantitative ways. The results provide ...

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